InstaSoothe iPhone App

Quickflash Designs is happy to announce that we have finished development of an iPhone app that helps those that need it most, new parents.  InstaSoothe : A White Noise App for Babies

Currently available on the Apple App Store                Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

InstaSoothe is the fastest, simplest app for soothing your fussy baby.

Designed by new parents who discovered the miracle soothing ability of white noise, yet were unhappy with the complexity of the white noise apps available. Every second counts when your baby is fussy or tired.

White Noise

White noise replicates the experience of being in the womb, the safest and most comfortable place your baby has experienced. Inside the womb, the outside world is muffled and mixed with the sound of mother’s breathing, pulse, and other sounds to create a wall of comforting sound.

Baby Soothing in the Smartphone Era

As a new parent, I was amazed at the calming effect the sound of a hairdryer had on my child. The sound calmed him in a few seconds. Sometimes babies fuss when they are tired but don’t realize they should sleep. Playing the white noise sounds instantly soothed our baby and in a few seconds, he drifted off to sleep. I recorded a clip of the hairdryer and loaded it onto my phone for quick access. In the store and baby gets fussy? White noise at the ready. Out at a restaurant? White noise. Baby is hungry and you need to prepare a bottle? White noise consistently bought us a few more minutes of calm while we made a bottle, changed a diaper, grabbed a toy, or needed to lull a tired, fussy baby to sleep.

The problem we encountered with the audio clips were there was quite a bit of menu navigation to get to the music file we needed. We looked at the available white noise apps, and they all had too many features and menus to tinker with or set-up. Even the simple ones required an extra button press to start. When you have a fussy baby in one arm and your phone in the other hand, what we needed was something simple that started up–instantly–when the app is launched.


InstaSoothe is there for you to instantly soothe your fussy baby on the go, out in the world, or at home to buy you some stress-free time to make a bottle or address the reason your baby is fussy…even if it’s to lull the baby to sleep.

InstaSoothe is not meant to replace a sleep machine or to be played for long periods of time.

Instant Soothing

Just activate InstaSoothe, and a soothing white noise will immediately play. No searching through menus, no set-up, and no delays–when your baby is fussy, you don’t want to take time to navigate settings and menus.

No Need to Fiddle

While you can enjoy InstaSoothe without any set-up or customization, you can still customize your InstaSoothe experience by tapping the Settings icon. You can select from several available white noise sounds exclusively designed and recorded for this app.

Captivating Visuals

InstaSoothe combines the powerful soothing effects of white noise with pleasant visual distractions. Your baby’s vision is still developing, but research has shown that babies can distinguish high contrast and gentle, slow motions. The Pinwheel and Moonlight themes feature a high contrast star burst visual that slowly and gently rotates back and forth, similar to the movement of a mobile and works to both distract the baby from fussing and encourage visual movement tracking. A third visual theme, Twinkle Star, offers a pleasing low-light background with twinkling points of soft light.

Authentic Sounds

We experimented with many different mixes and types of white noise sounds.  Then selected those sounds that we felt worked the best on our cute test subjects.  This should help increase the chance that you will find one that works best with your baby.  The sounds we recorded from real items in a real world environment, and not digitally created.  This gives the sounds authenticity that we feel many people, including some babies, may be able to distinguish.


Give us your comments and feedback on the app!  What do you like?  What would you like to see in the next version?

Instasoothe was created by:
John Essex III and Rodney Strycker Jr.