2015: A year without a Christmas light display

I’ve been doing animated musical Christmas displays for over 8 years.  This is my first year off in a while.  While I do think it’s important to take a break both physically and mentally from the work of putting up a display, it feels a little odd, and I miss the visitors that used to come by and visit us.

As for not decorating at all, i just couldn’t do it.  I HAD to put up some lights.  Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it, right?  Out current house in a large subdivision and many people have decorated this year.  It’s so festive, I needed to get some of my lights in storage so I could play along too.  I couldn’t do a whole lot as the front of the house and yard are pretty small.  I did break out a few controllers and decorated a little, just to keep in the spirit!  Maybe I’ll post some pictures once I’ve completed everything.