DIY: Hanging Your Deer


IMG_4218I used to store the deer for my display on the floor in my basement.  As the number of deer grew, along with more additions to my display, my floor space was sat a premium and was shrinking.  So looking around the basement for unused space, I found some available space up in the ceiling of my basement.

IMG_4219So, I created a hook that hooks onto the frame of the deer, and made a hook on the other end that hangs on the edge of the rafter.  To be able to do this , you’ll have to have these types of I-beam floor joints instead of the solid type.


9 Gauge Wire Ties To make the hooks, I found thick stiff wire that could support a good deal of weight.  I’ve gotten these from tie-down stakes that come with some inflatable displays that I no longer use, aluminum chain link hook ties, and even some straight larger-gauged wire.



IMG_4214IMG_4215This instructional is pretty simple.  I took the wire and made hooks on the both ends.  To make sure everything lines up, take a look at how the hook will hook onto the deer, and how the hook will hang on the joist.  Depending on how you’d like to hang your deer and the direction of your joists, you may need to bend one of the hooks at a 90 degree angle to the other.

Originally, I was concerned with the hook sliding off the joist so I sharpened the hook that went on the joist.  This however, was a poor idea for at least two reasons.  I found out it’s extra work to prepare, and that it’s really not necessary as the weight of the deer keeps it in place really well.  Second, the sharp point was pointing toward my hand while lifting the deer.  I found that the hook slides down in your hand while lifting a heavy deer (Very likely) and will stab your hand.

IMG_4216To hang the deer, it saves time if you find the balancing point of the deer.  They all vary depending on the size, if it has antlers, and if there is a motor in it.  I simply lift it at different points with one finger until I find the spot that balances well.

IMG_4217Then simply hook the deer at that point, jump on a ladder and hang it up on the edge of the joist.


If you are prudent with how close you put them together, and even hang them from other deer that are already hanging, you can fit quite a few into a small space.  In this picture I put 8 deer into a small space in front of my crawlspace.

Hope this helps you gain some storage space!  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think or if you have other suggestions!

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