Lights Down for 2013; Plans for 2014

Well, because of the constant snow and cold temperatures this winter, it took us until March 1st this year to get all of the lights down from the house and out of the yard and back in storage.  Here in central Indiana, we’ve had a near-record snowfall amount, so many things were buried and frozen to the ground until we could pry them out.

We are beginning our planning and building for 2014, which I believe will be a growing year for us.  Our 2013 musical show was very similar to our 2012 show with some minor differences and some shuffling around of some of the show elements, so it’s time to kick it up a notch.

For 2014, here are some of the ideas that are swimming around in our heads:

  • RGB Spotlights – Currently we only have red and green that all use 80-100 watts for each light.  We’ve purchased new LED lighting and are in the process of building our own lights.  Stay tuned for the “How-To” for this one.  Even I am curious how it will turn out.
  • A new character – I cant say much about this yet, as I’m still formulating what he’ll look like, and whether he’ll be a virtual character, or made up of lights.  Should be very cute though!
  • New Songs – I plan on choosing many new songs and beginning programming this summer.  As opposed to my typical way of getting the lights up and THEN start programming.
  • Lighting for our house outline – I’m looking into ways to outline our rooflines that are easy to install and maintain, and that give a clean neat appearance rather than draping and sagging.  Ideas are welcome!
  • More website upgrades and Christmas games!

Let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions for our show!

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